No Disaster Needed for Home Improvement


You don’t have to experience a disaster to experience the quality remodeling project Kidd’s can deliver. Whether it’s a kitchen or a deck we can give you a turnkey product in a timely manner. By all accounts kitchen projects continue to be the popular choice for many homeowners even in a down economy. That’s because consumers are focused on small improvements and forgetting about bigger projects such as additions. It also represents a need versus want mentality. You may want a master bedroom addition but your forty year old kitchen could use a facelift. Besides why not improve the space you have before creating additional space? Because remodeling is so price sensitive right now Kidd’s recommends that the homeowner break out segments of the project in order to pick and choose what they want. In years past homeowners were remodeling a kitchen because they were preparing for a sale. Now most are staying put but they want to update the appearance of the existing space or make the space more usable. Whether your motivation is a new cabinet system or new countertops we would welcome the opportunity to give you your dream kitchen.