Green Build


Is your Restoration Contractor Sustainable?

Many insurance companies have introduced Green Building Replacement and Green Upgrade coverage. This is a new coverage specifically for green residences, non green residences that wish to upgrade to green, and commercial buildings. The purpose of the coverage is to address the unique risks that are involved with sustainable building practices.

This offering of coverage protects property that is green-certified as well as properties whose owners would like to capture green benefits. The coverage for LEED certified buildings will often offer a discount due to lower risk factors. Conventional insurance policies only cover the cost to restore a building to its original condition. Under most Green Building Coverage property owners are able to rebuild and replace with green alternatives such as:

  • Non-toxic, low-odor paints and carpeting
  • Energy Star-rated electrical equipment
  • Interior lighting systems that meet LEED or Green Globe requirements
  • Water efficient interior plumbing
  • Energy Star-qualified roof and insulation materials
  • Commissioning

We have worked closely with the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED program as well as the Lynchburg Green Building Initiative’s (LGBI) program to ensure that its coverage and upgrade options align with the industry’s major green certification processes. As part of the product, Kidd’s understands the process for property to become certified by these organizations.

For buildings that are green certified by the USGBC or the GBI, Kidd’s has a plan for sustainable building elements such as vegetated roofs and alternative energy and water systems. In case of a total loss we can restore the property to green certified standards.

For property owners that want to start small but are looking to go totally green in the future, Kidd’s offers an upgrade package as part of its green service. For example, if there is a structure fire we offer an upgrade to replace the carpet with green certified carpet and energy star appliances or office equipment. If there is a total loss, Kidd’s offers entire green rebuild certification.

Lastly, it is not uncommon for engineers to re inspect systems such as HVAC after they are installed to ensure that they are running properly and truly energy efficient. We work with re inspection teams on a daily basis and we welcome the opportunity for them to see our finished product.