How To Clean Up After A Fire
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How To Clean Up After A Fire

There are many steps when cleaning up after a fire. One of the most important steps in the initial response is protecting your home from additional damage by boarding it up and securing the scene. A fire to your home is very stressful and can cause you to do things that you may not do otherwise. It’s important to keep calm and call a professional restoration company to help you with the cleanup process. Here is a look at how to clean up after a fire to your home or business.

Board Up & Emergency Services

After a fire, it is common for firefighters to break windows, doors, and cut holes in the roof to control and put out the fire. After the fire is out, and you have these damages, Kidd’s Restoration Services can help you by boarding up your windows, doors, and roof to prevent any secondary damage and vandalism.


Structure Drying & Temporary Stabilization

With putting out a fire, generally, comes a lot of water damage from the fire department. To prevent the structure from rotting or getting moldy it first needs to be dried and stabilized to prevent any secondary damage. Additionally, sometimes part of the structure is also compromised. If so, FRS can temporarily stabilize the structure and foundation to make it safe to enter.

fire damage drying

Non-Salveagable Items

Once the building is safe to enter and the building is in the drying process, all building materials that are not salvageable from the fire damage can be removed, inventoried and thrown away. Be sure to keep records of anything thrown out with receipts if possible for insurance reimbursement.


Personal Property Cleaning

If there are any salvageable personal belongings, Kidd’s Restoration Services will pack and transport those contents to our cleaning facility for processing. Once the personal belongings have been cleaned, they will be stored on at our facility until the fire damage repairs are complete and the home or business is ready for property contents to be retuned.



Kidd’s Restoration Services is a licensed General Contractor and is capable of completely restoring your home or business after fire damage. Kidd’s will send a reconstruction project manager to meet with the property owner and insurance adjuster to review the structure and come to an agreement on the scope of work. Kidd’s Restoration Services will then write an estimate within 2 business days and once the repair contract is signed, we can begin the reconstruction project.


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