Carpet Cleaning Tips, Tricks & Hacks for Tough Stains
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Your carpets say a lot about your home. Beyond this, your carpets are an investment that you want to last for years to come.  For that reason, we are bringing you some great tips for getting tough stains out of your carpet.

How to Remove Stains From Your Carpet

One of the hardest parts of removing tough stains is the wide variety that can pester your carpets. From wine and pet accidents to mud and ink, stains can come in all shapes, sizes, and difficulties. Here are a few tips to get out those hard-to-clean spots.

1. DO NOT RUB or SCRUB the stain!!  

That just drives the stain deeper into the carpet.  Instead, gently dab or blot the stain with the appropriate cleaning solution and a clean cloth, paper towel, or sponge. Blotting allows you to put a small amount of pressure on the stain to soak it up rather than rubbing it deeper into the carpet.   

2. Try Club Soda

If you spill some beer, wine, or ink on your carpet, club soda should do the trick!  Just pour some club soda on a clean cloth and blot the stain. repeat until the stain is gone.  If that doesn’t work – mix a one-to-one ratio of white vinegar and water into a spray bottle, spray the stain and wait 15 minutes.  Then press a clean, dry sponge down on the saturated area to soak up the solution — and the stain!

3. Shaving Cream Isn’t Just for Your Face!

Here’s a tip that may be new to you — shaving cream!!  That’s right, shaving cream can get out most stains in your carpet.  Just apply regular old shaving cream directly to the stain and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Once it is set in, blot it dry with a white cloth. Then spray a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water on the area and wipe it away with a clean cloth. 

4. Treat Grease Right

Greasy stains can be the toughest stains to get out of carpets – unless you use the right product and technique.  Add a few drops of grease-cutting dish soap – like Dawn – into a cup of warm water and mix it up.  Pour that into a spray bottle the soak the greasy stain.  Then just blot it up with a white cloth or paper towels. Repeat as necessary … but you should be good to go.

5. Grab the Ice Tray

Gum in your carpet? No problem. Just freeze it!  Grab a few ice cubes and press them against the gum for about a minute.  Once the gum is frozen solid – use a spoon to lift up the glob and then trim off the tip of the carpet strands with scissors or a sharp knife.  Make sure when trimming the strands, however, that you clip it as high up as possible so as to not damage the carpet. 

6. Pesky Pet Stains

How about pet stains you ask? Whether it is number 1 or 2 – the white vinegar solution is the key. Add a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray the stain. Wait 15 minutes and blot it with a white cloth or paper towel.  Repeat as necessary.  If there is still discoloration cover with table salt and leave it overnight. Then vacuum it up. 

7. Red Mud Removal

Red mud can be found everywhere around here and can create quite a mess. If you get some of that in your carpet, first, let it dry. Next, break out the vacuum and run it over the stain a number of times. Once you think you’ve gotten up as much of it as you can – then blot it with a damp white rag. It should be just that easy. 

Clean Carpets Are a Home’s Best Friend

We hope these tips help you save time and effort around the house. Be sure to stay tuned for more tips! 

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