Smoke Damage & Deodorization

Smoke Damage

If you have smoke damage or soot from a fire in your home or business it can be very difficult to clean and remove all the smoke and soot. Not only that, if you attempt to clean and do not use the proper procedures you could cause more harm and damage to your home than good. Soot is oily and easily stains carpets, draperies and other household textiles. For this reason you must remove it before you attempt to clean or deodorize items. If possible, it’s best to hire a professional restoration company to clean and deodorize your home and household textiles.

Smoke Damage Removal

The first step in smoke damage and soot removal is to clean and wipe all excess soot off horizontal surfaces. After the loose soot is cleaned up, Kidd’s Restoration will begin cleaning the walls and structure with a dry chem sponge and other specialty cleaning procedures. At this point, you structure should be cleaned but you probably still have a odor issue. In order to deodorize the home or business there are many different deodorization techniques we can use.

Deodorization Techniques:

  • Thermal Fogging
  • TOMI SteraMist
  • Hydroxyl Radicals
  • Ozone Machine

Household Odors:

  • Fire and smoke damage odors
  • Cooking odors
  • Mold and/or mildew odors
  • Pet urine or feces
  • Tobacco smoke

smoke damage deodorization first restoration services

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smoke damage deodorization first restoration services

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Want to learn more about what the fire clean up process looks like?

Click the link below to see what a typical fire and smoke damage clean up process entails.

Fire Damage Cleanup

fire damage cleanup process first restoration services