How To Prevent Flood Damage

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has noted that in the United States, flooding is the most common and most expensive type of natural disaster that strikes this country every year. Thus, flooding can happen anywhere at any time of the year, so it’s important to be prepared for when disaster strikes. Flooding can be caused by heavy rain, flash flooding, broken dams, tidal storms, among many other causes.

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prevent flood damage

Flood Proof Your Property

If you are living in an area that is prone to flooding, or by a lake, river, or creek, you may consider flood-proofing your home. By completing a few flood-proofing renovations, you can significantly reduce the number of flood-related damages. Here are a few flood-proofing ideas: 

  1. Foundation Vents and Sump Pumps. Foundation vents are used to let water flow into the home, then back out, rather than pooling around the exterior. The vents allow the water to safely exit the structure with minimal damages. Sump pumps are also great for pumping floodwater out of basements or other areas of the home. If installing a sump pump, chose one with a backup battery that will run even if the power is out. 
  2. Seal All Cracks. Apply coating and sealants to the foundation walls in addition to any openings or cracks around the windows, doorways, or walls of the property.
  3. Grade The Yard Away From The House. If you often find that water is pooling up around the home, you should consider regrading the lawn to protect the home from future floods.
  4. Adjust Downspouts. If your gutter system is not pointing away from the home, it can cause flooding and water damage. We suggest readjusting the downspouts or even buying an extension that will drain the water further away from the property.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Great company, and even greater employees.Clean and professional, and dedicated to the end. I would love to work with a team like this anytime. Soon as they’re hiring I’m applying🖒
Great company, and even greater employees.Clean and professional, and dedicated to the end. I would love to work with a team like this anytime. Soon as they’re hiring I’m applying🖒
Sam Fox
Sam Fox

16:57 05 Mar 19
Roy was super helpful and professional! He is very detailed in his work and I highly recommend consulting him on your mold issue.
Jeff Carrier
Jeff Carrier

17:20 16 May 18
So grateful I call Kidd’s Restoration. They did the job right the first time, took care of me and my wife with respect and had the friendliest technicians. It was a water damage that was later discovered to find mold. They did everything start to finish including repairs. I highly recommend calling Kidd’s Restoration for any of your restoration needs.
Kevin Reinert
Kevin Reinert

17:16 16 May 18
Had a devastating home fire and Kidd’s Restoration responded fast to secure my home and get it boarded up. Afterwards they worked with my insurance adjuster to make sure everything was going to be done correctly and they cam to an agreed upon price with the insurance. The process, considering a major home fire, could not of been easier!
Tim Hayden
Tim Hayden

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First time using Kidds Restoration and Cleaning and I would use them again if I had to, let’s hope I don’t, lol. We had water damage in our closet, not a huge area but they still took care of us like we were their only customer. Definitely recommend you go no where else and hire Kidds Restoration for you water damage cleanup.
Casey Clark
Casey Clark

17:12 16 May 18
Had water in my basement and Kidds Restoration took care of it immediately. They responded same day, extracted the water in the basement and had my house dry within days. They were a life saver.
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Cari Zello

14:52 13 Sep 16
I have used this company for 15 years. They are professional and do an excellent job. They have always helped me out when I am in a jam. I highly recommend them.



How to Prevent Damages After The Flood Has Started

If the flooding has already begun to enter your home, follow these step to further protect your home and loved ones.

  1. If the flooding is caused by a broken water line, turn off the water system to stop the flow of water. 
  2. Clean and clear out the gutter, drains, and downspouts so the water can properly drain away from the home. 
  3. Move all of your personal belongings to higher levels of the home. This includes rugs, furniture, electronics, and any other personal items. 
  4. Turn off the electricity. 
  5. Move to higher ground or the upper levels of the home and stay away from the damages until inspected and cleared by a professional.

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Professional Flood Restoration Services

In the event of a flood, you should call the professional flood technicians at Kidd’s Restoration. We have over 25 years of restoring homes after flooding and preventing further damages, like mold. If your home has experienced a flood, act quickly and call our 24/7 emergency flood and water restoration hotline for quick and efficient restoration services!